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Bender's Australian Stamp Duties (print)

Published July 2018, this title offers a practical guide to stamp duties in every Australian jurisdiction.

The definitive guide to Australian stamp duties law

Bender's Australian Stamp Duties provides a unique and comprehensive exposition of stamp duties law in each state and territory of Australia. The guide aims to be Australia’s most comprehensive guide on stamp duty — a “one-stop” shop on the subject. The guide covers not only transfer and conveyance duty, but also provides detailed commentary about trusts and partnerships, landholder duty, insurance duty, motor vehicle duty, other miscellaneous duties, concessions and exemptions, corporate reconstruction and consolidation relief, tax avoidance, and tax administration.

The guide will be helpful not only to specialist stamp duty practitioners, but also to lawyers and accountants who have less experience in the field.

This title from The Tax Institute provides:

  • helpful comparative tables of the stamp duty rules in each state and territory;
  • practical tips and warnings;
  • case law summaries of most stamp duty cases in Australia that have been decided over the past century;
  • examples to illustrate the operation of stamp duty principles;
  • comprehensive summaries of the key legal principles; and
  • details of critical forms and guidance used by revenue authorities.

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